Halstead Maternity

GUESS WHAT!? I am currently waiting with my bag packed, sitter on stand by to head to the hospital to do this momma’s birth!!! She is being induced today and I am so freaken excited.  Let me tell you something that has nothing to do with this post. Lol.
Being a birth photographer is stressful, you are on call for an entire month. At a moments notice, you have to have a babysitting plan in place, bags packed and ready to go sit with someone for anywhere from 3 hours to days, literal days. But if you even for a second thing that it isn’t worth it, than you are not meant to be a birth photographer. Please stop hiring people. Stick to something else. I love every minute of it. Heck, I will gladly spend 24 hours without eating or sleeping to be able to capture those moments for someone.

Especially when that person is as sweet as Tiffany, we had a great time during her maternity sessions. A lot of laughs where shared and it shows in these pictures. I don’t know what it is really about maternity images exactly but I always underestimate them and then end up being floored at how much I love them. This session actually caused me to take the leap and add maternity pictures to my specialty.  I know that a few months ago I thought I was ready to take leap and stop booking everything that breathed. But this time  I really think that I am ready this time, to begin on photographing homecomings, couples, maternity and births. ❤
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