S & C Wedding

Picking just a few highlights from this 350 image wedding was so hard guys, I loved these images so much. All of them. It was one of my favorite weddings to date. I like it so much that I even finished editing it a week early (which as a work at home mom of 3 with nonstop wedding since, that is no easy task!). This wedding was so elegant and so full of love. I know that is a cliche. So full of love, aren’t all weddings? Well let me tell you, weddings have varying degrees of romance, spark and love. And this wedding was a good one. ❤

It was July 23rd, a perfect day for a wedding in Washington. It had cooled down after a blistering week and the sky was filled with just enough clouds to make it beautiful. The venue was the cutest little chapel near downtown Olympia. It was so darling it made me want to get remarried all over again, full of character and charm. Oh and that bridal suite was to die to for. A photographers dream. Every last detail was thought out and stunning. I mean those flowers, the dress, the veil, even the dress hanger was dreamy. It was a picture perfect wedding, literally.

But the reception was even more. At the Heritage Room right across the street from Capitol lake. As someone who is still pretty new to the area, I miss out on gems like this one. Just those grand wooden doors, polished cement floors, accent lighting that created stunning bokeh details, oh I swooned hard. Not on that but the staff and food was awesome. It was a triple hitting as far as reception venues go. As you can probably see for yourself in the photos below!

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