Lizarraga Family

There is no bigger complement than being asked by another photographer to do their pictures! You will hear this a lot from photographers but it really is true, there is no better validation in this business.
Mayra’s kids where seriously the easiest I have EVER done. Those kids know how it goes. 😉
I only had to stop and try to get little Chris’s attentions once, once guys. And even then all I had to do was get his attention before he flashed a winning smiling.

_RJV4621 _RJV4624 _RJV4627 _RJV4630 _RJV4633 _RJV4637 _RJV4640 _RJV4644 _RJV4649 _RJV4651 _RJV4659 _RJV4662 _RJV4667 _RJV4671 _RJV4677 _RJV4681 _RJV4686 _RJV4689

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