A & R Engagement

The game of catch up has began with this darling engagement session. This was a session that I could not wait to edit and could not stop editing once I saw how stunning these photos were. I loved working with Amanda and her Fiancee and future step son! They were a blast with such chemistry between them as you can clearly see in their images.
This was also my first time shooting at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma. I am in love. It is one of my favorite locations for sessions now. If you are a photographer and have not yet checked it out, please do yourself a favor and go walk around.

_RJV2330 _RJV2335 _RJV2338bw _RJV2340 _RJV2347 _RJV2394 _RJV2401 _RJV2427 _RJV2438 _RJV2449 _RJV2453bw _RJV2460 _RJV2468bw _RJV2483 _RJV2543 _RJV2663 _RJV2668

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Hall Couple

I love couples sessions. They are always my favorite shots of shoots so when that’s all you are doing it is pretty fun for me. It is even more fun when you know the clients well. 😉
This was my 3rd session for these 2.  We have a good time. Haha.  So when she sent me a message about how she wished that I could fit her in one last time before we left, you can bet that I worked a slot into my schedule to make it happen!

_RJV4557 _RJV4562 _RJV4569 _RJV4578 _RJV4581 _RJV4594 _RJV4597 _RJV4606 _RJV4615 _RJV4616

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Lizarraga Family

There is no bigger complement than being asked by another photographer to do their pictures! You will hear this a lot from photographers but it really is true, there is no better validation in this business.
Mayra’s kids where seriously the easiest I have EVER done. Those kids know how it goes. 😉
I only had to stop and try to get little Chris’s attentions once, once guys. And even then all I had to do was get his attention before he flashed a winning smiling.

_RJV4621 _RJV4624 _RJV4627 _RJV4630 _RJV4633 _RJV4637 _RJV4640 _RJV4644 _RJV4649 _RJV4651 _RJV4659 _RJV4662 _RJV4667 _RJV4671 _RJV4677 _RJV4681 _RJV4686 _RJV4689

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Besaw Couple

Uh oh… I forgot my favorite Fort Drum photographers sessions forever go…. Oops.
Brittany is awesome guys. Go ahead and check out her Facebook and website now because everyone is getting her as their recommendation for Fort Drum pictures. 😉
But for real this chick is an awesome friend and it really sucks that we are moving so far away. It is only a “see you later” though! These two are also a blast
to photograph. I mean not only are they too adorable but they also aren’t afraid to get silly and loosen up.  That is how you get the best pictures. ❤ _RJV0004 _RJV0010 _RJV0024 _RJV0029 _RJV9873 _RJV9887 _RJV9900 _RJV9903 _RJV9922 _RJV9944 _RJV9961 _RJV9974 _RJV9976 _RJV9993


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