Campbell Family – Point Defiance, WA

I started out March being booked solid and this is the first post I have been able to make and its practically April! Oh my! That tells you what the weekend weather has been like in Washington this month! I have so many sessions this weekend trying to play catch up before we get in April! Fingers crossed the weather holds out for us Saturday and Sunday, though right now the odds aren’t looking so hot. Don’t worry Washington,  I still love you. ❤ 😉

Back to the Campbell family, these kiddos where so freaken cute. I cant get over how tiny little Claire is! Can you believe she turned one earlier this month!? She is so precious! She wasn’t really having pictures though. Not that I can blame it, it was pretty chilly that morning! Owen and Jack did so good! Check out their awe inspiring lashes! Those boys are going to be total heartthrobs. Here are just a few highlights of their family,1st birthday sessions. _RJV7536 _RJV7546bw _RJV7551 _RJV7569bw _RJV7585 _RJV7606 _RJV7613 _RJV7620bw _RJV7642 _RJV7646 _RJV7655 _RJV7659 _RJV7673 _RJV7680 _RJV7692 _RJV7694 _RJV7705