Future Mrs. M Bridal Shower

Now I don’t normal do parties. I think it is the introvert in me that makes them awkward for me to do. I would rather stick to posed sessions and weddings where it is much easier for me to blend into the background. But when you have a chance to work with an awesome local photographer, you don’t say no! This was actually the first bridal shower I have been too! A weird fluke due to being military and having 99% of all your local friends already married.
It was stunning. Let me tell you, the food smelt so good, I had a hard time not digging in myself.  Oh and the Albee’s! This was also my first time going there. It is to die for. I would take another event at that venue again in a heartbeat just for an excuse to go back.

Here are some highlights from this event! I had a lot of fun with the detail shots since everything was just so beautiful! Ps. It always tickles me when I find someone else who names their Daughter Lila/Lyla. This is only the 2nd time this has ever happened in the 5 years since we have had our own Lila!
_RJV2679 _RJV2683 _RJV2686 _RJV2689 _RJV2700 _RJV2706 _RJV2710 _RJV2711 _RJV2721 _RJV2731 _RJV2734 _RJV2736 _RJV2779 _RJV2867 _RJV2918 _RJV2924 _RJV2926 _RJV2943 _RJV2987 _RJV2996
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