DIY Family Photos

I got this crazy idea to try to do our own family photos. Last weekend we headed out right after dinner to give a go. I was expecting a frustrating experience with rowdy kids that weren’t listening, 5 or so keepers and walking away never wanting to try it again. Haha. At least that is how it has always gone in the past when I have tried something like this.
But this time I came armed with a game plan. We were going to just go with the flow of chaos. Let the kids be rowdy and run away like the little destructive monsters they are. Instead of trying to pose them, we just interacted with them. I held so true to this I didn’t even question Lila bringing baby bear, a .10 thrift store teddy bear she has been in love with for over a year, and Lucy bringing her favorite baby doll of the day. The end result was awesome. I am so happy with these images. I can not wait to put them up on the wall. To give you an idea of how well this went, these images are better and more true to us as a family than the last time we paid a (Very talented so nothing against them!) photographer a few months ago. We just finally found a style that works with our children. It is also the current style of family photos that I am in love with for my own clients. 😉

I also have to give my husband a shout out for not only being a trooper but getting some great shots with me and the girls as well. I have taught him well! Haha.

I hope you enjoy these images of us and the insist into our family they give! We cheated a little on the DIY part and met up with another photographer who was a sorts of “human tripod” as we used to call it in NY! She helped take the shots of the 4 of us with my camera and I am so thankful! So much easier than trying to use a tripod and timer with kids.
Next personal blog post will be with our gender reveal photos done by another photographer!

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