Buckley Wedding

Oh this wedding. This wedding has pulled on my heart strings since the day I got my first email from Laurie. It is always such a pleasure to be asked to photograph someone’s wedding. It is such a huge event in their life and this being my first year focusing on them (after years of being a second shooter back in NY), I was so touched when I was asked to be apart of this day. I don’t think I have had anywhere near as many guests at a wedding thank me so dearly for being there as this one. But then again this was not a normal wedding, this one was special.
The first time Laurie emailed me she told me that her first husband was military and had died 5 years ago. She told me that she didn’t think she would ever know love again. But then she met her fiancee and he helped her and her 3 kids and bought “so much healing” entire their lives. I knew right away I was going to take this wedding.  I am a sucker for a great love story and this one just hit close to home for me. I knew I wanted to be there for them on their day.  To capture such an amazing and inspiring love story, to witness a broken family become whole again. I use that phrasing on purpose. The whole wedding was themed around both sides of this new family finding the missing puzzle piece and becoming whole again. If you don’t have watery eyes at this point, you might want to check to see if you are still human.

Please enjoy the highlights from their gorgeous backyard wedding! If you can call it that, they had that room custom built onto their house for the wedding! _RJV6027 _RJV6034 _RJV6048bw _RJV6054 _RJV6056 _RJV6066 _RJV6091bw _RJV6113 _RJV6118 _RJV6144 _RJV6177 _RJV6194 _RJV6197 _RJV6270 _RJV6324 _RJV6332 _RJV6334 _RJV6352bw _RJV6446 _RJV6462 _RJV6479 _RJV6483 _RJV6485 _RJV6487 _RJV6488 _RJV6513 _RJV6553 _RJV6575