Besaw Couple

Uh oh… I forgot my favorite Fort Drum photographers sessions forever go…. Oops.
Brittany is awesome guys. Go ahead and check out her Facebook and website now because everyone is getting her as their recommendation for Fort Drum pictures. 😉
But for real this chick is an awesome friend and it really sucks that we are moving so far away. It is only a “see you later” though! These two are also a blast
to photograph. I mean not only are they too adorable but they also aren’t afraid to get silly and loosen up.  That is how you get the best pictures. ❤ _RJV0004 _RJV0010 _RJV0024 _RJV0029 _RJV9873 _RJV9887 _RJV9900 _RJV9903 _RJV9922 _RJV9944 _RJV9961 _RJV9974 _RJV9976 _RJV9993


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