Johnson Fresh 48

My very first Fresh 48!!! 🙂
Let me tell you a little back story about this day, I got the message that Kyleigh had been born right around when I got the message from a birth client that she was going ot be induced the next day in Syracuse. The weird part, my birth clients baby was also going to be named Kyleigh. They were not born on the same day, but only a few hours shy. 😉
It was pretty crazy though! I love this job and seeing little fresh babies makes it even better, so two for one was pretty much the best thing ever for me.
Oh! And lets not forget that this Kyleigh was my very first blonde baby! I had never seen one before in person! Its adorable!

_RJV1077 _RJV1088 _RJV1094 _RJV1099 _RJV1102 _RJV1104 _RJV1106 _RJV1132 _RJV1136 _RJV1141 _RJV1142 _RJV1145 _RJV1165 _RJV1167 _RJV1173 _RJV1180 _RJV1189 _RJV1196 _RJV1198 _RJV1206 _RJV1209 _RJV1219 _RJV1246 _RJV1254

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