Hess Family

I can honestly say I will be sad to not be able to photograph this family again. 😦
I first meet the Hess family before little Dani was born, I did their maternity, birth and now these family sessions. Dani is so stinking cute. We turned 6 months old recently and I saw the status her mom posted on Facebook and literally said no way out loud. I can not believe that it has been that long. When you welcome babies into the world, I swear they grow up faster than even your own kids. You blink and then they are already crawling or getting ready to celebrate their 1st birthday way too soon. I feel like mothers and birth photographers should unite to help slow down time! πŸ˜‰
Samantha is also an new and upcoming photographer in the Drum area! So I have been helping her out get started and grow over the past few weeks. I can’t wait to continue to watch her talent grow and little Dani, even if it does have to be from a far!

_RJV4476 _RJV4470 _RJV4441 _RJV4444 _RJV4448 _RJV4450 _RJV4453 _RJV4468_RJV4494 _RJV4497 _RJV4499 _RJV4505 _RJV4507 _RJV4512


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Goodbye NY

A Blog post dedicated to just the personal memory lane of our family and the time we spent here at Fort Drum. Sadly this is missing our first year hear due to only having prints of those pictures. But hey you get the idea. πŸ˜‰
This are images from the past two years. I did not take all of these images from where taken by other photographers currently at Fort Drum or were here at the time. (Jessica Souza Photography, Kristin Charles Smith Photography, Brittany Besaw Photography, and Karen’s Captured Moments). Also I did try to keep pet photos out for the most part. This is mostly just the humans of the family. πŸ™‚

Making this is very weird for me, I am so excited to leave this area. I am overjoyed to be moving to Washington, bigger and better things await us there and everyone knows it. But over the past 3 years some much has changed. We added members of our family and we have grown and matured so much. When we moved here I was 18. 18 guys. We were so stupid. Lol. We have grown up so much over the years (I mean heck last night I renewed the registration of my car a month early and increased my insurance coverage!). When I look back at where I was when we first moved here it is crazy. Β Whew, glad I changed that around.

There have been some serious bumps in the road here, but all in all I feel like this place has done us a great service. Within all the suck we have dealt with and the hardship, we have become such more more and because of it our life ahead will be much smoother. We spent the past 3 years making mistakes really, whether in personal life or even in business. But other past 9 months the after effect of that has hit me hard. We are actual adults now to be taken seriously, respected, and held accountable! It might not sound like such a big deal but remember, we were 18 and 20 we got here. Christian hadn’t even had his own apartment thanks to being away at basic, and we were always right by family to be able to bail us out when we wanted to act without thinking. Now, we get to do the bailing out!

Maybe I am just being silly about this. Lol. But Fort Drum will always has a spot in my heart for helping us grow, in maturity and in size. Lucy, and Addie are both in our family because of Fort Drum. It is were my baby was born. It is were I met some of the best friends I have ever known who will be my friends for life. I may not miss the cold or the boredom, but I will miss (some) of people and memories we have here.

conrad2014 133 copy
Brittany Besaw Photography
_RJV1510 _RJV6457 _RJV6091 _RJV5264 _RJV5311 _RJV3932 _RJV3759 _RJV2927 _RJV3009 _RJV2844 _RJV2811 10176992_297609457063374_2057554810_o 10148498_292255174265469_1245854865_o _RJV1431 _RJV0608 _RJV0155-2 _RJV0130 _RJV9795 _RJV8955 _RJV7169 _RJV6418 _RJV6374-2_RJV1772 - Copy_RJV1364 - Copy_RJV0936_RJV0563_RJV8952_RJV8820_RJV8609_RJV6711_RJV6680_RJV6565facebook_RJV6288_RJV6198_RJV9632View More: http://516-photography.pass.us/conradIMG_6883 copy_RJV8035IMG_8998IMG_8966conrad2014 365 copyconrad2014 011 copybw2U4A8562a2U4A8554_RJV5405_RJV2029 - Copy
Ps there would me more pictures from the before I had a full frame camera, but it is being a butt to load and nobody got time for that. Haha.

Fultz Maternity

Maternity sessions rank up to be one of my favorites. There is just something to perfect about a ready to pop bump. ❀
Posting this is bittersweet for me. I love this season, and this little boy was so cute for his season. He was one of my easiest littles to work with. But this family was my very last official session at Fort Drum for this babies newborns, that will be blogged in a few days. Fort Drum sucks. Lol. But this was the place that I stared this business and spent 3 years growing as a photographer. I’ll save that speech for another time though.
This is about Katie and her growing family! πŸ˜‰
This session was a little different than most maternity sessions because it doubled as some of my favorite family shots!

_RJV2761 _RJV2697 _RJV2705 _RJV2711 _RJV2716 _RJV2730 _RJV2732 _RJV2735 _RJV2740bw _RJV2741 _RJV2746 _RJV2752

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Allaway Maternity

It doesn’t show it, thanks to the wonders of scheduling posts, but this is my 4th session to finish and edit today. That is on top of being a mommy and getting ready to move almost 3,000. So to say that I am pooped is an underestimate. Β πŸ˜‰
But this session was exactly what I needed to boost my spirits. These images are stunning. I love every single one of them. After I shoot this session it made me honestly sad that I was moving and leaving this location. And that is really saying something since we went through some pretty high hoops to get this move going. Lol. I’d say it was a good farewell though. πŸ˜‰

_RJV2472 _RJV2474 _RJV2475 _RJV2481 _RJV2483bw _RJV2485 _RJV2489bw _RJV2497 _RJV2505 _RJV2519 _RJV2530 _RJV2532 _RJV2545 _RJV2548 _RJV2552

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Mezzles Birth

My last NNY birth. 😦
I miss them already. I am really starting to get sad about leaving Fort Drum. I have meet so many wonderful people and this was were I really jumped into this crazy dream of owning my own business.
Kristin is one of those people. She is such a sweet heart. She helped walk me through the steps of figuring out essential oils (which are amazing by the way seriously check them out) and has been nothing but patient since my laptop broke the morning after her deliver of precious Kyleigh. Β This was also one of my favorite births. I drove to Syracuse at midnight and got there 10 minutes before the pushing began in a room with only the delivery spot light on.
I also want to take a moment and talk about this dad. I have had some pretty awesome dad to bes in the past. But none of them can compare to this guy and his excitement to be a father for the first time. ❀

_RJV1257 _RJV1260 _RJV1263 _RJV1265 _RJV1269 _RJV1282 _RJV1287 _RJV1291 _RJV1299 _RJV1306 _RJV1320 _RJV1323 _RJV1331 _RJV1338 _RJV1358 _RJV1379 _RJV1382 _RJV1418 _RJV1421
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Johnson Fresh 48

My very first Fresh 48!!! πŸ™‚
Let me tell you a little back story about this day, I got the message that Kyleigh had been born right around when I got the message from a birth client that she was going ot be induced the next day in Syracuse. The weird part, my birth clients baby was also going to be named Kyleigh. They were not born on the same day, but only a few hours shy. πŸ˜‰
It was pretty crazy though! I love this job and seeing little fresh babies makes it even better, so two for one was pretty much the best thing ever for me.
Oh! And lets not forget that this Kyleigh was my very first blonde baby! I had never seen one before in person! Its adorable!

_RJV1077 _RJV1088 _RJV1094 _RJV1099 _RJV1102 _RJV1104 _RJV1106 _RJV1132 _RJV1136 _RJV1141 _RJV1142 _RJV1145 _RJV1165 _RJV1167 _RJV1173 _RJV1180 _RJV1189 _RJV1196 _RJV1198 _RJV1206 _RJV1209 _RJV1219 _RJV1246 _RJV1254

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