Gorbett Maternity

Happy October! Oh how I love this month. My Lila turns 5 in a few days! Be on the look out for a personal post about her special day soon! In the mean time I wanna share with you this maternity season of the Gorbett family! They were such a joy to photographer, despite it looking like it would rain for most of their session.

Enjoy these highlights from their session! I still swoon over that banner than Samantha’s sister made for them!
_RJV8243 _RJV8263bw _RJV8282 _RJV8289 _RJV8292 _RJV8323 _RJV8338 _RJV8346 _RJV8351 _RJV8360bw

Proctor Maternity

What happens when your 4 year old wakes up at 6AM? You end up being productive at 8 in the morning, which is normally when I would just now be getting out of bed. The joys of parenthood.

Now on to the Proctor’s.
You might have heard me say this before but these kiddos where so awesome for their shots. It was a cold and windy day when we shot this session so we knocked them out as fast as we could so that their dad could let me hang in the car. But it isn’t too often that you get some kids that all you have to do is tell them to cheesy really big and it works. They made my job so easy.
So did gorgeous Melissa and the absolutely stunning Puget Sound. I know I told you yesterday I could do maternity sessions every day but I should have been more clear. I could do beach maternity sessions every day even if Owens Beach doesn’t give us that gorgeous sun set I was hoping for (hey it was sunny no complaints at all from me).
Can you believe that this bump is due next month!?

Please enjoy these highlights from this session!
For more information on how to book your own maternity session please email me at info@christinaconradphotography.com
Currently booking for June (3 spots left) and beyond!

_RJV8852 _RJV8875 _RJV8880 _RJV8887bw _RJV8893 _RJV8896 _RJV8915bw _RJV8929 _RJV8935bw _RJV8941bw _RJV8976 _RJV8979
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Smith Maternity

I have this awesome job that lets me spend my weekends capturing the love and excitement of families as they anxiously wait for the arrival of their new bundle of joy. I will never tire of maternity sessions. I could do them every day and still get that fuzzy feeling of excitement each session. ❤
One of those families from this past weekend was the Smith’s. Not only does this little baby girl get two doting parents that can’t wait to meet her in June, but she is blessed with two older sisters to love and adore her as well. The weather really gave us the run around last week. Up until the morning off, it was set to ran all day, but thankfully it blew over and gave us a perfect Washington evening for this session to come to be.

Please enjoy these highlights from their family maternity session! As always these are only some of my chosen favorites. I wish I could share them all!
_RJV8677 _RJV8681 _RJV8684bw _RJV8688 _RJV8692bw _RJV8707 _RJV8734bw _RJV8738 _RJV8751 _RJV8762 _RJV8772 _RJV8778 _RJV8785 _RJV8789 _RJV8802bw _RJV8823 _RJV8827

More Maternity

The last session from last weekends marathon. This Seattle beach might not have given us the dreamy sunset sky we were hoping for, and maybe it is just because I am new here, but I love the sun light clouds all the same. There is something about shooting on a real beach that still gets me so excited. It is so much better than using Lake Ontario in NY. Just yet another thing about this area that makes me love it even more.

Enjoy these highlights from these fellow former Dallas residents! This was another session that was just overflowing with keeper images. Unfortunately I can’t post all of the 90 images that mom and dad are getting but here are a few of my favorites.

_RJV8123bw _RJV8281bw _RJV8179 _RJV8153 _RJV8278 _RJV8266 _RJV8152 _RJV8149 _RJV8264 _RJV8255 _RJV8144 _RJV8138 _RJV8236 _RJV8205 _RJV8135 _RJV8132-2 _RJV8201bw _RJV8191

Johnson Maternity

I’m a little behind on blogging this session after taking off the past 4 days for the holiday with my family (check back on Wednesday for the blog post of our adventure photos!) and also because this session was so stunning I just could not pick a small number to post! I delivered 88 images from this session to this couple. That is almost double my average from a maternity session! I just found myself choosing image after image while culling. I got a little carried away over how adorable these two were together when shooting. It is a good problem to have. 😉

Enjoy these highlights from this gorgeous couples maternity session! _RJV7965 _RJV7980 _RJV7985 _RJV7992 _RJV7998 _RJV8002bw _RJV8006 _RJV8008 _RJV8011 _RJV8012 _RJV8023 _RJV8029bw _RJV8033 _RJV8035bw _RJV8044 _RJV8051 _RJV8055 _RJV8062bw _RJV8080 _RJV8096 _RJV8100 _RJV8106

Yang Maternity

Session number two from this past weekend is done! A gorgeous maternity session to a mommy to be due any day now! Look at how adorable and little that bump is! I know understand why everyone felt the need to remind me how little I was with both my pregnancy’s! I couldn’t even help it and I know how it feels. Haha. Their baby boy is gonna be such a heartbreaking from the look of his beautiful parents!

Enjoy these highlights from their session! I wish I could share them all but my sessions usually come with over 40 images! Sorry, I was really feeling the black and whites from this image. They are just so dreamy. ❤

_RJV7877bw _RJV7892bwfacebook _RJV7897bw _RJV7902 _RJV7909bw _RJV7912bw _RJV7915bw _RJV7918bw _RJV7922 _RJV7923bw _RJV7935

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Mezzles Birth

My last NNY birth. 😦
I miss them already. I am really starting to get sad about leaving Fort Drum. I have meet so many wonderful people and this was were I really jumped into this crazy dream of owning my own business.
Kristin is one of those people. She is such a sweet heart. She helped walk me through the steps of figuring out essential oils (which are amazing by the way seriously check them out) and has been nothing but patient since my laptop broke the morning after her deliver of precious Kyleigh.  This was also one of my favorite births. I drove to Syracuse at midnight and got there 10 minutes before the pushing began in a room with only the delivery spot light on.
I also want to take a moment and talk about this dad. I have had some pretty awesome dad to bes in the past. But none of them can compare to this guy and his excitement to be a father for the first time. ❤

_RJV1257 _RJV1260 _RJV1263 _RJV1265 _RJV1269 _RJV1282 _RJV1287 _RJV1291 _RJV1299 _RJV1306 _RJV1320 _RJV1323 _RJV1331 _RJV1338 _RJV1358 _RJV1379 _RJV1382 _RJV1418 _RJV1421
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Johnson Fresh 48

My very first Fresh 48!!! 🙂
Let me tell you a little back story about this day, I got the message that Kyleigh had been born right around when I got the message from a birth client that she was going ot be induced the next day in Syracuse. The weird part, my birth clients baby was also going to be named Kyleigh. They were not born on the same day, but only a few hours shy. 😉
It was pretty crazy though! I love this job and seeing little fresh babies makes it even better, so two for one was pretty much the best thing ever for me.
Oh! And lets not forget that this Kyleigh was my very first blonde baby! I had never seen one before in person! Its adorable!

_RJV1077 _RJV1088 _RJV1094 _RJV1099 _RJV1102 _RJV1104 _RJV1106 _RJV1132 _RJV1136 _RJV1141 _RJV1142 _RJV1145 _RJV1165 _RJV1167 _RJV1173 _RJV1180 _RJV1189 _RJV1196 _RJV1198 _RJV1206 _RJV1209 _RJV1219 _RJV1246 _RJV1254

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