Mezzles Birth

My last NNY birth. 😦
I miss them already. I am really starting to get sad about leaving Fort Drum. I have meet so many wonderful people and this was were I really jumped into this crazy dream of owning my own business.
Kristin is one of those people. She is such a sweet heart. She helped walk me through the steps of figuring out essential oils (which are amazing by the way seriously check them out) and has been nothing but patient since my laptop broke the morning after her deliver of precious Kyleigh.  This was also one of my favorite births. I drove to Syracuse at midnight and got there 10 minutes before the pushing began in a room with only the delivery spot light on.
I also want to take a moment and talk about this dad. I have had some pretty awesome dad to bes in the past. But none of them can compare to this guy and his excitement to be a father for the first time. ❤

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