Allaway Maternity

It doesn’t show it, thanks to the wonders of scheduling posts, but this is my 4th session to finish and edit today. That is on top of being a mommy and getting ready to move almost 3,000. So to say that I am pooped is an underestimate.  😉
But this session was exactly what I needed to boost my spirits. These images are stunning. I love every single one of them. After I shoot this session it made me honestly sad that I was moving and leaving this location. And that is really saying something since we went through some pretty high hoops to get this move going. Lol. I’d say it was a good farewell though. 😉

_RJV2472 _RJV2474 _RJV2475 _RJV2481 _RJV2483bw _RJV2485 _RJV2489bw _RJV2497 _RJV2505 _RJV2519 _RJV2530 _RJV2532 _RJV2545 _RJV2548 _RJV2552

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