Buckley Wedding

Oh this wedding. This wedding has pulled on my heart strings since the day I got my first email from Laurie. It is always such a pleasure to be asked to photograph someone’s wedding. It is such a huge event in their life and this being my first year focusing on them (after years of being a second shooter back in NY), I was so touched when I was asked to be apart of this day. I don’t think I have had anywhere near as many guests at a wedding thank me so dearly for being there as this one. But then again this was not a normal wedding, this one was special.
The first time Laurie emailed me she told me that her first husband was military and had died 5 years ago. She told me that she didn’t think she would ever know love again. But then she met her fiancee and he helped her and her 3 kids and bought “so much healing” entire their lives. I knew right away I was going to take this wedding.  I am a sucker for a great love story and this one just hit close to home for me. I knew I wanted to be there for them on their day.  To capture such an amazing and inspiring love story, to witness a broken family become whole again. I use that phrasing on purpose. The whole wedding was themed around both sides of this new family finding the missing puzzle piece and becoming whole again. If you don’t have watery eyes at this point, you might want to check to see if you are still human.

Please enjoy the highlights from their gorgeous backyard wedding! If you can call it that, they had that room custom built onto their house for the wedding! _RJV6027 _RJV6034 _RJV6048bw _RJV6054 _RJV6056 _RJV6066 _RJV6091bw _RJV6113 _RJV6118 _RJV6144 _RJV6177 _RJV6194 _RJV6197 _RJV6270 _RJV6324 _RJV6332 _RJV6334 _RJV6352bw _RJV6446 _RJV6462 _RJV6479 _RJV6483 _RJV6485 _RJV6487 _RJV6488 _RJV6513 _RJV6553 _RJV6575

DIY Family Photos

I got this crazy idea to try to do our own family photos. Last weekend we headed out right after dinner to give a go. I was expecting a frustrating experience with rowdy kids that weren’t listening, 5 or so keepers and walking away never wanting to try it again. Haha. At least that is how it has always gone in the past when I have tried something like this.
But this time I came armed with a game plan. We were going to just go with the flow of chaos. Let the kids be rowdy and run away like the little destructive monsters they are. Instead of trying to pose them, we just interacted with them. I held so true to this I didn’t even question Lila bringing baby bear, a .10 thrift store teddy bear she has been in love with for over a year, and Lucy bringing her favorite baby doll of the day. The end result was awesome. I am so happy with these images. I can not wait to put them up on the wall. To give you an idea of how well this went, these images are better and more true to us as a family than the last time we paid a (Very talented so nothing against them!) photographer a few months ago. We just finally found a style that works with our children. It is also the current style of family photos that I am in love with for my own clients. 😉

I also have to give my husband a shout out for not only being a trooper but getting some great shots with me and the girls as well. I have taught him well! Haha.

I hope you enjoy these images of us and the insist into our family they give! We cheated a little on the DIY part and met up with another photographer who was a sorts of “human tripod” as we used to call it in NY! She helped take the shots of the 4 of us with my camera and I am so thankful! So much easier than trying to use a tripod and timer with kids.
Next personal blog post will be with our gender reveal photos done by another photographer!

_RJV4123 _RJV4131 _RJV4133 _RJV4135 _RJV4141 _RJV4157 _RJV4173 _RJV4182 _RJV4209 _RJV4220 _RJV4228 _RJV4235 _RJV4248 _RJV4250 _RJV4279 _RJV4286 _RJV4287 _RJV4301 _RJV4326 _RJV4339 _RJV4355 _RJV4356 _RJV4361 _RJV4393 _RJV4396 _RJV4399

Future Mrs. M Bridal Shower

Now I don’t normal do parties. I think it is the introvert in me that makes them awkward for me to do. I would rather stick to posed sessions and weddings where it is much easier for me to blend into the background. But when you have a chance to work with an awesome local photographer, you don’t say no! This was actually the first bridal shower I have been too! A weird fluke due to being military and having 99% of all your local friends already married.
It was stunning. Let me tell you, the food smelt so good, I had a hard time not digging in myself.  Oh and the Albee’s! This was also my first time going there. It is to die for. I would take another event at that venue again in a heartbeat just for an excuse to go back.

Here are some highlights from this event! I had a lot of fun with the detail shots since everything was just so beautiful! Ps. It always tickles me when I find someone else who names their Daughter Lila/Lyla. This is only the 2nd time this has ever happened in the 5 years since we have had our own Lila!
_RJV2679 _RJV2683 _RJV2686 _RJV2689 _RJV2700 _RJV2706 _RJV2710 _RJV2711 _RJV2721 _RJV2731 _RJV2734 _RJV2736 _RJV2779 _RJV2867 _RJV2918 _RJV2924 _RJV2926 _RJV2943 _RJV2987 _RJV2996
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A & R Engagement

The game of catch up has began with this darling engagement session. This was a session that I could not wait to edit and could not stop editing once I saw how stunning these photos were. I loved working with Amanda and her Fiancee and future step son! They were a blast with such chemistry between them as you can clearly see in their images.
This was also my first time shooting at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma. I am in love. It is one of my favorite locations for sessions now. If you are a photographer and have not yet checked it out, please do yourself a favor and go walk around.

_RJV2330 _RJV2335 _RJV2338bw _RJV2340 _RJV2347 _RJV2394 _RJV2401 _RJV2427 _RJV2438 _RJV2449 _RJV2453bw _RJV2460 _RJV2468bw _RJV2483 _RJV2543 _RJV2663 _RJV2668

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Back At It…

Back at blogging…
Lets do a brief recap of the going ons here at CCP before I flood you with all the sessions I have been doing! First off, and the main reason this blog has been so quiet, we are expecting our 3rd baby in January!
Morning sickness kicked my butt! But I will be 20 weeks along this week (so be on the lookout for a gender announcement soon as we find out on Wednesday!) and am getting back to my normal self! We are all so excited for this next adventure, especially Lila who spent a whole year asking for a new baby! I have been savoring every moment of this pregnancy from the horribly sickness and heartburn to the sweet little kicks. ❤

As if a new baby wasn’t enough, about a month ago Rollie aka Roland joined us after we sadly lost another one of pets. He is a Newfy (50%), Saint B(25%) and Great Pyr(25%) mix that is 3 months old and already huge! He earned his nickname, Rollie, after we quickly learned there is very little this puppy loves more than food! He is the 101 Dalmatians character reborn into a much bigger and much fluffier puppy! For more photos of this cutie and his big brother, Louie, follow me on instagram! It is mostly filled with their snuggles.
_RJV8381 _RJV8389 _RJV8396 _RJV8399

We seem to thrive in chaos in this household. Lol. But we absolutely love it.
The goal is that starting next month I am taking more time off from photography to focus more on doing more lifestyle images for my own family. These past 4 months have been so jammed packed with sessions, I have barely picked up my camera for my own family. Being busy is of course such a blessing but I also feel that with my body telling me to slow down (I have rough pregnancies guys. My body does not like growing babies.) so it is the perfect time to take a step back and refocus on my crazy gang of babes at home. You can expect to see a lot more personal posts like this one mixed into to the session recap blogs. Full of our journey as a transitioning familiy going from 4 to 5 with 4 pets, homeschooling 2 young kids, and exploring Washington. All while balancing military life. Sounds easy, right? Haha.

Here are a few recent photos of my gang. Its a tiny amount since I have been so swamped! I am hoping by next week I will have many more photos to share with you!
_RJV0179 _RJV0298 _RJV0301 _RJV2466 _RJV2512

Thompson Couple

It has been a crazy couple of weeks in the Conrad household! Part of that was taking 2 weeks off while my husband went on a  “business trip” of sorts then plunging head first into a weekend full of 5 sessions! Add that in with getting our house painted and sprayed this week and normal parenting  duties, I am running a little behind with blogging! Better late than never though!

Jumping back into the swing of thing with the Thompson couple! They drove up form Southern California over the weekend and I was lucky enough to be able to do a session with them while they were in town! This session was a photographers dream. Plan and simple. They rocked their session.  I gave them over 100 images from a 40 minute session! I love every single one of them! It was so hard to choose some highlights to post here! So I included  little more than I normally would. 😉

Enjoy these highlights from their sessions last weekend!

_RJV9161 _RJV9180 _RJV9183 _RJV9186 _RJV9195bw _RJV9205 _RJV9221 _RJV9228 _RJV9243 _RJV9255 _RJV9258 _RJV9267 _RJV9271bw _RJV9276 _RJV9279 _RJV9282 _RJV9287 _RJV9289 _RJV9295

Proctor Maternity

What happens when your 4 year old wakes up at 6AM? You end up being productive at 8 in the morning, which is normally when I would just now be getting out of bed. The joys of parenthood.

Now on to the Proctor’s.
You might have heard me say this before but these kiddos where so awesome for their shots. It was a cold and windy day when we shot this session so we knocked them out as fast as we could so that their dad could let me hang in the car. But it isn’t too often that you get some kids that all you have to do is tell them to cheesy really big and it works. They made my job so easy.
So did gorgeous Melissa and the absolutely stunning Puget Sound. I know I told you yesterday I could do maternity sessions every day but I should have been more clear. I could do beach maternity sessions every day even if Owens Beach doesn’t give us that gorgeous sun set I was hoping for (hey it was sunny no complaints at all from me).
Can you believe that this bump is due next month!?

Please enjoy these highlights from this session!
For more information on how to book your own maternity session please email me at info@christinaconradphotography.com
Currently booking for June (3 spots left) and beyond!

_RJV8852 _RJV8875 _RJV8880 _RJV8887bw _RJV8893 _RJV8896 _RJV8915bw _RJV8929 _RJV8935bw _RJV8941bw _RJV8976 _RJV8979
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Smith Maternity

I have this awesome job that lets me spend my weekends capturing the love and excitement of families as they anxiously wait for the arrival of their new bundle of joy. I will never tire of maternity sessions. I could do them every day and still get that fuzzy feeling of excitement each session. ❤
One of those families from this past weekend was the Smith’s. Not only does this little baby girl get two doting parents that can’t wait to meet her in June, but she is blessed with two older sisters to love and adore her as well. The weather really gave us the run around last week. Up until the morning off, it was set to ran all day, but thankfully it blew over and gave us a perfect Washington evening for this session to come to be.

Please enjoy these highlights from their family maternity session! As always these are only some of my chosen favorites. I wish I could share them all!
_RJV8677 _RJV8681 _RJV8684bw _RJV8688 _RJV8692bw _RJV8707 _RJV8734bw _RJV8738 _RJV8751 _RJV8762 _RJV8772 _RJV8778 _RJV8785 _RJV8789 _RJV8802bw _RJV8823 _RJV8827

Washington Adventures Part 2

Skagit Tulip Festival at Mount Vernon.

         It is pretty much a must for a photographer to make the 2 hour drive up north to the tulip fields from what I gather. Not that it wasn’t worth it. We had a lot of fun, especially the girls. Lucy, of course, loves anywhere that allows for her to run like the wild child she is. Lila is your typical 4 year old little girl and was in flower heaven looking at the different colors, patterns and types. We brought some home with us (and some fudge, its great if you are going grab some!)

Last week I got a bunch of new camera toys, one of which was the 105mm macro lens. So prepare yourself for a lot of super up close flower shots. I might have went a little overboard. I went into the tulip fields with the plan on only getting a micro shot of a pink one to hang in Lila’s very pink room and well you can see how it ended up. A lot of these will be making their way to our walls now!
_RJV8470 _RJV8475 _RJV8484 _RJV8495 _RJV8499 _RJV8506 _RJV8521 _RJV8525 _RJV8531 _RJV8532 _RJV8533 _RJV8539 _RJV8548 _RJV8562 _RJV8567 _RJV8569 _RJV8571 _RJV8573 _RJV8575 _RJV8579 _RJV8581 _RJV8584

More Maternity

The last session from last weekends marathon. This Seattle beach might not have given us the dreamy sunset sky we were hoping for, and maybe it is just because I am new here, but I love the sun light clouds all the same. There is something about shooting on a real beach that still gets me so excited. It is so much better than using Lake Ontario in NY. Just yet another thing about this area that makes me love it even more.

Enjoy these highlights from these fellow former Dallas residents! This was another session that was just overflowing with keeper images. Unfortunately I can’t post all of the 90 images that mom and dad are getting but here are a few of my favorites.

_RJV8123bw _RJV8281bw _RJV8179 _RJV8153 _RJV8278 _RJV8266 _RJV8152 _RJV8149 _RJV8264 _RJV8255 _RJV8144 _RJV8138 _RJV8236 _RJV8205 _RJV8135 _RJV8132-2 _RJV8201bw _RJV8191